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Tremor Measurement and Monitoring App


Lift Pulse a tremor measurement and monitoring app


We've been listening to a lot of patients with Essential Tremor and Parkinson's Disease these days, and it seems like a lot of people have a desire for a tremor measurement and monitoring app. Since many people have smart phones (and because of the computing power they now have), we thought it would be useful to create an app that can do just that. Lift Pulse is a highly intuitive, yet powerful app that is calibrated to measure your tremor frequency and amplitude. To get a reading, hold your phone in your hand and press record. The gray bar will begin to fill as the recording begins. Once the bar is full (after about 10 seconds) the app will move to the analysis screen.

screen shot of the lift pulse app

There, you can see a frequency spectrum. Your tremor measurement should appear as a peak between 5 and 10 Hz as shown in the figure above. The tremor measurement and monitoring app automatically finds this peak and integrates it to calculate your overall tremor amplitude inĀ centimeters. The app senses tremor in all directions (x,y,z) of the phone and calculates your overall magnitude. Lift Pulse allows you to compare your tremor to a pre-set baseline. To set your baseline (this could be on an average day for you), take a reading and then tap on the circle showing your amplitude in Cm. Any future tremor measurement and monitoring readings will be compared to this saved baseline and the circle showing your amplitude will change (from blue to red) depending on how much above or below the baseline you are. The best news is that this tremor measurement and monitoringĀ app is currently free! It is our hope to spread goodwill and generosity in order to support those in need of help. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or contact us at




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